Why Should You Choose A Russian Mail-Order Bride?

Russia produces the third highest number of models in the world, so it’s no surprise when people think ‘stunning’, they think of Russian women. They work hard to stay fit, maintain high standards, and are quite literally the definition of the word ‘gorgeous’.

Moreover, they’re homely ladies, eager to start families as it is almost traditional in Slavic nations to get married and have children by the time these women turn 25. Of course, there will be exceptions because you can never accurately generalize an entire population, so be sure to read through all the profiles here, and you’re bound to come across someone who ticks all the right boxes, and could help you find your happily ever after.

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So Why Do Single Russian Women Become Mail Order Brides?

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It’s not an easy choice to become a mail order bride, so we’ll list out a few factors that influence these ladies’ decisions.

  • An unfavorable ratio: Physically, Russian ladies are essentially hourglasses. However, the gender ratio is not favorable towards women in Russia. It has more women than men, and this leaves quite a few single Russian women hanging dry, so they begin to look for husbands outside of their home country. This is where you come in. These ladies are eager to start a new life with their ideal man, they’re keen to explore new countries, and you’re the person that can make it happen.
  • A patriarchal society: For all its positives, Russia is not an ideal place for a delicate lady to live in. Traditional gender roles are still prominently enforced, and attempts to resolve major issues like the gender pay gap, domestic violence and sexual harassment have not been as effective as one would hope. In retrospect, it seems obvious why these beautiful Russian women would rather become mail-order brides and seize the opportunity to marry a man so much more understanding and level-headed.
  • In search of a better life: From what we’ve mentioned above alone, it’s clear to see why Russian women choose to become mail-order brides instead of settling for someone from their own city. Becoming a mail-order bride gives them the opportunity to meet and maybe even fall in love with gentlemen from anywhere in the world, who were raised in different nations and cultures. The idea of moving to a new country, learning a new language, with a man who treats her better than anyone she knew before could, is enthralling, and this is why these ladies choose this path.

Some Myths We Ought To Dispel About Russian Mail-Order Brides

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As it is with all good things that sound unbelievable, even mail-order brides catch flak from undeserved stigmas and misinformation. We’ll try and dispel some of these false notions, about Russian mail-order wives specifically.

  • They’re after your money: Not at all. Most, if not all, of these women work and are able to support themselves. They are perfectly independent individuals, and now they’re simply looking for someone who can support them emotionally and physically and hopefully, begin a family with.
  • They’re aggressive and confrontational: Once again, no, this is not true. At the same time, don’t expect a docile housecat. These are humans with unique personalities and character traits, so to boil them down to a few stereotypes is demeaning, and certainly not something the ideal husband for these girls would think.
  • They’ll marry anyone if it means they can leave their country: No one’s that desperate to leave Russia, it’s not a warzone that people are fleeing from! These beautiful Russian women have become mail-order brides because they couldn’t find what they were looking for in their own country, so they believe that maybe they’ll have better luck looking somewhere else. Maybe that person they’re looking for will be you, if you play your cards right.

What do Russian Wives Look For In Men?

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Every girl has a list of criteria that they want their ideal man to fit into, and when you know what these criteria are, it makes things much easier for when you try and make these girls fall for you.

  • Emotional Intelligence: In any relationship, the ability to understand and communicate emotions is vital, even without ‘actual’ conversation. In the ideal relationship, you understand when your significant other is having a bad day, and you understand if she needs distance or comforting words without her uttering a word.
  • Financial Stability: Going into any relationship, one would hope that both members are able to contribute to the household, instead of having to depend on one person doing all the work while the other simply leeches off of them.
  • Romantic Gestures: Everyone does the whole bouquet of flowers, chocolates and dates before they get married, but it’s so much more rare after the fact. Russian wives are no different when it comes to longing for the way they used to be treated before getting married, so obviously they’ll keep falling for the man who continues to love, cherish and pamper her even years or decades after they get married.

What’s The Price For A Russian Mail-Order Bride?

Accounting for the costs such as a membership to the website, access to the catalog, cost per message sent, the price of translations should you require them, along with gifts that you may choose to send, and of course visiting your Russian mail-order bride, the entire process can cost around $20000.